Business culture refers to the cultural phenomenon generated, created, reflected, propagated, developed by all walks of life, all sectors, all kinds of enterprises in the process of continuous development of business. It is the sum of the commercial material wealth and spiritual wealth created by human in a market economy. Enterprises’ behaviors and characteristics vary under different business cultural environment, which reveal enterprises’ unique corporate culture and brand characteristics formed in different regional business culture. Good business cultural environment can promote the growth of the social economy, enterprises and entrepreneurs.

    Economic globalization and the rapid development of technology information provide a good macro-environment for enterprises to go to the world. The world economy has accessed into a diversified era and developed interdependently with integration of diverse cultures. For cross-cultural business operators, they must profoundly understand the diversity and multi-dimensional nature of global culture, so as to adjust their own business decision-making and management behavior at any time. As affected by the long Chinese history and culture, Chinese business culture becomes very unique, which has a profound impact on the growth of Chinese enterprises and social progress in a long time. With China’s growing economic power and international status, Chinese enterprises and commodities nurtured by Chinese business culture will possess a unique sustainable competitiveness in the international market.

    To promote the development of business cultural research and practice, 2018 China Business Culture and Management Conference will be held from 03-05 Aug. in Qufu. The conference theme is: Business culture and management in the new era The conference will provide a high-level academic exchange platform for scholars in business culture to facilitate their communication and discussion of the latest research output.


    Shandong University


    Commercial Culture Association of China,CCAC

    Journal of Chinese Business Culture

    Asian Business Association

    Asian Journal of Business Research

    MAG Scholar


    School of Management of Shandong University

    Business Culture and Management Research Center of Shandong University

    Qufu Normal University

    Jinan Management Science Institution

    Academic Supported:Economist Weekly of China


    The conference will mainly discuss the following research topics:

    1. The development of traditional Chinese culture and Confucianism in the context of new era business culture

    The traditional Chinese culture and Economic transformation in the context of new era business culture

    The traditional Chinese culture and management innovation in the context of new era business culture

    The traditional Chinese culture and business culture innovation in the context of new era business culture

    The culture of Chinese traditional business chamber

    Regional Culture and Socioeconomic development

    2. Cross-cultural management

    The Evolution and Comparison of Foreign business culture

    The integration of multi-national culture

    The Strategy of Cross-cultural Management

    3. Corporate Culture

    Corporate culture of corporate social responsibility

    Corporate culture and the independent innovation of Chinese enterprises

    Corporate image management

    Corporate culture construction

    Cases of corporate culture management

    4. Business ethics

    The definition and taxonomy of business ethics

    Business ethics values and business spirit

    Ethical norm

    Confucian values and business ethics

    Taoist values and business ethics

    The Buddhist values and business ethics

    The Hundred of School Thought and Chinese Business Ethics

    5. Brand and marketing culture

    Brand culture and brand marketing

    Culture and Marketing Strategy

    Business relations and circle culture

    Merchandise design and merchandise pop culture

    Retail environment culture

    Network and E-Commerce culture

    Consumption culture and consumer research

    Cultural psychology and Cultural Product Development

    6. Other related topics

    The innovation of business model in creative industry

    Contemporary Confucian Entrepreneurs and business association culture

    The culture of innovation and entrepreneurship

    Tourism Exhibition culture


    2018.08.03 14:00-20:00:Registration

    2018.08.04 morning, Conference opening ceremony and keynote speech

    2018.08.04 afternoon,Group discussion

    2018.08.05 Confucian culture and new entrepreneurial spirit cultural experience activity


    10 Jul. 2018 – Deadline of abstract submission

    20 Jul. 2018 –Deadline of paper submission

    03-05 Aug. 2018 –2018 China Business Culture and Management Conference


    Authors are encouraged to submit their full papers via internet to the conference email address: zgsywhygl@163.com . A paper review committee, formed by distinguished scholars, will review the submitted papers, and the results will be announced before 02 Dec. 2017. The conference accepts normative, empirical and practical papers. Papers accepted will be presented to CPCI (ISTP) Index Search. Selected papers will be published in academic journals such as China Business Culture Research, Journal of China Business Culture Research, and Asian Journal of Business Research.

    The recommended paper format is MS Word.

    Submitted papers should contain Chinese version and English version at the same time. CPCI (ISTP) cost ¥ 1000 per paper (within 5 pages)

    As for paper format, please refer to meetings essay (in English)

    This conference will be charged for better participation. The cost is $300 for international scholars.


    Organizing Committee:


    Professor Xingyuan Wang (Shandong University)

    Professor Zhilin Yang (City University of Hong Kong)


    School of Management of Shandong University

    Email: zgsywhygl@163.com

    Website: www.sywh.sdu.edu.cn

    Contacts: Hongchen Liu: 18263151199; Yumeng Liu: 18366116490

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