Training Courses

Modern Research Methodology Training Program for University Teachers/Doctors/Graduates:

This training program aims to promote the modernization of academic research, to speed up cultivating academic research talents, to encourage the communication and cooperation among different universities/colleges, to promote the balanced distribution of teaching and research resources, and to provide opportunities for scientific research cooperation, and to improve the rankings and competitiveness of research and teaching level in the world.

We provide short-term training courses which center on one specific mainstreamed research methodology/direction, provide basic. To help students improve research methodology, our invited instructors will do reviews and analyses during training. Also, there will be Special training course about how to increase the possibility of publishing your papers.

At the early phase of our program, we will mainly focus on business related subjects. In order to facilitate communication, improve training quality and efficiency, we will design the curriculum appropriately according to different needs of students and research process. We offer three different modes of courses combining teaching and practical application:

1. Elementary Course: basic research method training.

This course gives priority to graduate students, doctoral students, and some university teachers. Each workshop will invite an excellent overseas professor to give at least one basic course, to introduce students the firsthand experience and skills in the actual operation. Also there will be seminars, mainly targeting the research and data usage of related fields.

2. Advanced course: for trainee who have their own research subject.

Invited instructor will give further analyses and review of each research subject and discuss with trainee about how to improve the overall quality and level of their research.

3. Sprint Course: for trainee who already finished their paper.

Invited instructor will provide comments and suggestions after reviewing the article in detail. At the same time, we provide English polishing services, to ensure the logical clarity of your paper and to improve competitiveness of publishing your paper.